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Links to All Social Media

The options in social media are vast and multiply faster than most can keep up! Here are the different sites you can find us on! Clicking on the picture will take you directly to the link!



On our YouTube channel you will find past livestreams, current lives, a Spill with Jill section, and fun shorts! Why watch the pearl lives on YouTube? You can watch on your tv and still scroll! You also get to view the shucking and pearl cams!



Pictures, pictures, and more pictures! Sometimes we also go live here.

back up tiktok

Our backup tiktok doesn't get used as much as I would like, however it's here we will stream if we are ever banned on our original tiktok



Our Facebook page is where you find pictures of pearls, pictures of our art giveaways, past lives, and our goals for each live!
Our livestreams on Facebook also have our shucking and pearl cams!



I have a secret love for Pinterest. As someone with a lot of ideas and very little memory space left, Pinterest is a favourite of mine! Starting a Pinterest for thePearlArtist & Spill with Jill has given me the oppertunity to curate what I save in a new setting!



We are streaming live on Twitch with the same set up from Facebook and YouTube. We can so why not? I do need to explore this platform more, however it's been fun so far!



Do you love the tiktok look? Good news! We have a dedicated device just for tiktok and we have some special hand drawn emotes for our subscribers there!



Annoucements, lives, fun, pics, and sometimes you might find our lives here as well!


join my team!

If you are wanting to try oyster shucking as a job, this is the right place to come! I offer full support in getting started and staying active. It's not an easy job, but it is easily the most fun I've had at a job!

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