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I'm Jill! I am the face & voice behind Spill with Jill, ajillionjambles, and thePearlArtist. I live in Northern Canada where I live with my husband, four kids, and dog. I am an artist, constant crafter, content creator, oyster shucker, and "Jill-of-all-trades"!

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My Story

I am a story teller by nature, and while I have the hardest time writing them down, I can often be found telling story after story on my lives. My friends joke often that my life could be a reality TV show with the things that happen, and the hilarity that ensues. While I love sharing stories with people, I have no desire to expose my kids and family life to that sort of publicity. I have tried for almost 17 years to find a way to share the hilarity in a way that allows me to also allow my family to chose their own adventure. While I do share the odd story about my kids, they are lighthearted, and I appreciate that everyone has been respectful of that.

I have always worked odd jobs or volunteered while our kids were growing, and when I stumbled across pearls I knew it had to be my next adventure. It has allowed me to share my Art without feeling stressed about it. I don't do commissions as I find them far too stressful, one word ideas however are always appreciated.

While I do work very casually outside the house, I have some autoimmune and chronic pain issues that are barriers to working too much. Yet I love working and the connection with people. I also have a low key love of public speaking when I'm comfortable with the topic, and Pearls & Art just fell so completely together in this regard. While it was a little nerve wracking at first, it has fast come to be a place where I love to be, chatting with all our friends, and I have been encouraged by many of our friends to do advice lives. This is where Spill with Jill comes in; add in some algorithm changes and it was time to embrace and adapt! I am excited for you to come along on this adventure with us!

talk soon,


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