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All things Jill

Welcome to the Parts of Jill website! Parts of Jill started with my main TikTok account "ajillionjambles" which is a play on "Jill's Million Rambles". It then became my main TikTok for "thePearlArtist" where I go live to shuck oysters for pearls, and do Art lives. 

As with all things social media, things change and we learn to adapt. People come to ask for my advice and so we decided to add an Advice Column or "Spill with Jill" Service. These will be done in video replies, blog posts, and on dedicated lives. 

I also do art, both physical and digital and like to gift out art to my pearl customers. This page is where you can find "All things Jill".


Spill with Jill

Want answers to all the questions that your mom won't give you. Maybe you are too afraid to ask anyone a question, enter Spill with Jill! Where we answer your questions honestly, inclusively, and we like to think fairly. Some answers will be pre-recorded on our ajillionjambles tiktok, and we'll also answer some questions on live, and more in our blog!

*Answers are for entertainment purposes only and any medical issues, please consult a Dr



Want to join a community of caring, inclusive, and fun adults? We party 3-4 times a week on multiple platforms live, where we shuck real oysters for real pearls. We also give away 1-2 pieces of original art a month. You've gotta get in the line up for oysters or jewelry to be entered to win!


all social links

Find all of our social links here! Hopefully we have a platform you enjoy using!



I am a mixed media artist, who has a love of #zentangle #inspired #art. I have chosen to do only art that inspires me, instead of commissions, as that takes the joy of creating out of art for me. You can currently win an art gift through thePearlArtist lives.


Pearls & Jewelry

Our gallery to showcase our pearls and jewelry! I am also a photographer, and I love that I get to incorporate all my created enjoyments into one place!



This is our main tiktok and umbrella account for all things Jill! Here you can find our response videos for Spill with Jill, as well as our Spill with Jill, and thePearlArtist lives! Sometimes you can catch me just being super super silly!


We aim to be friendly and inclusive in all of our communities. We are always open to learning new things and getting to meet new people. Come say hi and join in the fun!

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